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Well....it has been 10 years since this little dream became a reality! So many things have changed and evolved over the years! I have so many customers that have become friends and I still love every minute of my job! So back to that whole changing thing...that is where the new website comes into place! I can no longer tackle the sorting of the holiday orders and invoicing anymore! It was taking weeks and well I just don't have weeks!! It may be a little process to get use to the new system but hopefully we will all figure it out!!

I thought I would give a little run down of my day! That way you know more of when you can expect to get that email or proof you are waiting on.... 

I am...

a mom.

a wife.

a daughter.

a business owner.

a volunteer.

and also figuring out how to have a little time for me. 

So here is my breakdown every day....I make a 45 minute round trip to school. Hangout in the gym parking lot and answer my first round of emails. And well between 8:00 - 9:00 every morning, I am taking that time for me. It keeps me happy. It keeps me sane. It gives me focus. I am at CrossFit with my friends, sweating and getting ready for the day! After that I go straight to work and get it done!!! Then eventually it is school pick up and after school activities! I do work some at night still but not near as much as before! But you can still expect those late night emails occasionally! If I didn't get in my 8 hours already! So back to that making some changes thing again....for years I let my work take over my life and family. So basically just trying to make it easier on me! I will post more about work hours and communication soon! But for now thanks for being patient while I get the website perfect!! 


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