All About the Head Pear....

So....What all do you want to know!? I will just give the quick run down!! 

First of all....this is a one woman show!! And here I you can picture me while we chat about cute designs!!! (And get ready cause I love exclamation points)!!!! 

But I will give a warning to my local customers....I am rarely that put together! I work from home so it's just not needed!! But ANYWAY I am the owner - designer - printer - assembler - secretary - trash lady....everything!! My name is Amy Pearson, for those that do not know!! I run Paisley Pear out of my home office in Panama City, Florida! I am originally from Gulf Shores, Alabama and a graduate of Auburn University (War Eagle). I am a wife (he occasionally helps me in a bind) and he is also my number one supporter!! Without him going to work everyday, having health insurance and all that goes along with corporate world I would not have been able to have this dream for the last 10 years!! So thanks babe!! 

I am also the mom to a little free spirited second grader, Piper!!!, Which is why you will see the cute little name Piper on so many samples!! Be sure to let me know if you have a Piper that loves all things unicorn, rainbows and mermaid as I am sure to have something fun you can have!!! Thankfully, this job allows me to also be a full time mom! Which puts a little hiccup in my work schedule some days!!

I am in my thirties...very late thirties…okay way closer to my forties and love all things design and I have a vision for everything...if it's my house, my work, my daughters wardrobe....blah blah blah....definitely not my wardrobe cause we already went over the fact I don't have to get dressed!!!!

So what all does Paisley Pear do....well so many of my new followers only know me as the lady that does all the holiday treat tags for school!! BUT...that is just a small part! I began 10 years ago designing wedding invitations, programs and all that entails. Then once I became a mom I started focusing more towards invitations. And that is still a majority of what I do....Birthday parties, baby and wedding showers and basically anything you can think of I do...Typically over the holiday season I do around 5,000+ Christmas Cards. I also have many small businesses that I help along the way as well, from business cards to logos, marketing materials and more!! I have been slacking on updating Instagram, Etsy and my website but I have thousands of invitation designs and still make custom as well....that's were that design and vision thing comes back that is probably why so many of you have no clue what all that I do! I hope to really get this website completely updated but like I said, it's only ME! And well for those that have followed along the last 2 years, it hasn't been all that easy....lost our house to a Hurricane...then the Coronavirus....blah blah blah!! Anyway that is now all old news and here I am trying to get all organized and introducing you to ME a little more!!! has been 10 years since I started this amazing journey and I am hoping to change a few things over the next 10 years! One of those is keeping orders together, which is where this website comes into play! Over the next year I hope to have most orders filtered straight through the website or the Paisley Pear Facebook page!! As much as I love hearing from everyone via personal Facebook, Email, Text, Pigeon, etc.....that man up in that picture and that spunky little girl sure do enjoy having Mom not working every night and weekend!!! With all that said, THANK YOU all so much for telling everyone about me and keeping me slam busy basically from repeat business and word of mouth!!! Y'all are all AMAZING!! 

And well that is enough about me for now!!!