You've Been Booed! - 2022 BOO BOX!

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2022 BOO BOX! 

The Boo Box will make Booing your friends, neighbors, family or even your kids just a little easier!! This foldover 9"x6"x2" box is packed full of Halloween fun!

The black box comes with a "You've been Booed" sticker attached along with a sticker closing up the box!! Included on top once opened is the BOO card explaining about being Booed along with the We've Been Booed card to attach to their front door! 

Once the tissue paper is opened the box full of fun is revealed!! Included in the box is a Paisley Pear Designs custom Tic Tac Boo card with candy corn, Boo color page with crayons and a create your own monster kit! Also included is: Vampire Teeth, Spider Rings, Eye popping glasses, rice Krispy treats, suckers, glow sticks, non-chocolate candy, witch finger, slinky, eyeball gum & Skull Pop!